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Michael WILSON was born Mar 15, 1819 in TN, and died May 01, 1887 in Cannon Co., TN.  He married Martha "Mattie" BRYSON Oct 16, 1838 in Cannon Co., TN, daughter of Joseph BRYSON and Sarah BOGLE.  She was born Oct 15, 1823 in TN, and died Feb 1897 in Cannon Co., TN.


Sterling Spurlock Brown, History of Woodbury & Cannon Co.,TN,(Manchester:Doak Printing Co.,1936), pp.41 & 47, Mike Wilson is listed as one of the early settlers of Sanders fork and Auburntown.


Cannon County, TN Marriage Records Volume 1, Books A,A-1,B,C,D,E & F, 1838-1899,  (Macon GA:Helen L. Rogers), Bk A,p.8, #41.

Misc. Court Records

In 1873 the following Cannon County court record was recorded with Michael & Martha  securities.  Tennessee State Library & Archives, Cannon County Probate Court - Bonds and Letters (Mar 1892-Dec 1898) Roll #14, BK A, p.456, J.L. Fann vs A.E. Fann. We hereby bind ourselves for the payment of all cost that may be adjudged against the complaint in this suit at any time during its prosecution or on the final termination of the same. 16 Aug 1873 Michael Willson (his mark) Martha Willson (her mark).


1864 Michael Wilson & W.H. Fann are mustered in Co D, - 4th TN mounted infantry

Name: Mikel Wilson Company: D  Unit: 4 Tennessee Mounted Inf. Rank - Induction:    Private  Rank - Discharge: Private  Allegiance: Union  Widows pension filed Certificate #327-143 (Complete widows pension file obtained from National Archives) Michael was injured when his horse fell on him. He returned from the war permanently disabled.


1840 Cannon Co.,TN Census,(Nashville:Byron Sistler & Assoc.,1986), p. 18, 1m 20-30, 1f 15-20, 1f -5 (CA-116).

1850 Cannon Co.,TN Census,(Wichita KS:S-K Publications,1990), Sanders Fork, district 11, 676/676, p.440B, Micall 30  Farmer TN, Martha 24 TN, Sarah 10, Elizabeth 8, Louisa 6, Lucinda 4, Martha 2, Melvina 8/12.

1860 Cannon Co., TN Census MF, (Nashville:TN Vol 2 (284-477), Roll 1242,Microcopy #653,), Microcopy #653, TN  p.187, dwelling 1290, Auburn Michael 41,Martha 36,Lucinda 16,Martha 13,Nancy 11, Sam'l 9,Joseph 6,Wm. 4, Perlina 1.

1870 Rutherford Co., TN Census, written p.15, printed p.163a, dwelling 107, family 111, lines 24-32, microcopy 593, roll1558, vol 25, 1-233a Rutherford Co(part), Murfreesboro, 21st Civil District 27, Jul 1870. Michael 52, Martha 46, Sam'l 18, Joseph 15, Wm. 13, Perlina 11, Rosa 8, Michael 5. Also in the HH: Sarah Beadon 20 NC (Sarah Jane Beedon married John B. Sauls 5 Nov 1870)

1880 Cannon Co. Census, Cove T772, Roll 82, Vol 2, Ed 26, Sheet 31, Line 2, p.574C, district 14. NA Film Number   T9-1246 , p. 574C 

Land Records

12 Jan 1846, Entry 476, Michael Wilson Enters 100 acres of land on the head waters of Sanders Fork in dist. 11, beg. near Widow Davenports line to take all the vacant land between Michael Wilson and the widow Davenport. Michael Wilson locator

30 May 1846 Deed Bk E., p.236, Andrew Bogle deeds Michael Wilson 150 acres beginning in the N. boundary line of Michael Wilson's tract located in district No.11. The tract passes 2 corners of Robt. Brysons property. Test. R. Fowler, Joseph Bryson

13 March 1848, Land Entry No. 556. Michael Wilson Enters one hundred and fifty acres of Land more or less in Tennessee Cannon County on Hurricane Creek. Beginning on a chestnutt near Stephen Wilsons and Ezekial Alexanders line Running thence East with said Wilsons line. Thence North then West & various courses for complement. so as to take all vacant land between Stephen Wilsons, Hiram Gattard, Ezekial Alexander and Alexander Milligans. Michael Wilson Locator.

22 Aug 1849, Entry 579, Michael Wilson enters 150 acres on headwaters of Sanders Fork beginning on NE corner of a 50 acre survey in name of Stephen Wilson then west to Barrett's line. Michael Wilson Locator

4 Mar 1853, Cannon County Deed Bk I, p.219 Stephen Wilson to Michael Wilson 150 acres in the 11th District.

4 Mar 1853, Cannon County Deed Bk I, p.220 Stephen Wilson to Michael Wilson 50 acres in the 11th District.

2 Nov 1854, Cannon County Deed Bk K, p.188-189 Mike Wilson to Wiley Davenport 25 acres in the 10th and 11th Districts.

2 Nov 1854, Cannon County Deed Bk K, p.189-190 Mike Wilson to Wesley Herriman 5 1/2 acres in the 11th District.

9 Jan 1855, Cannon County Deed Bk K, p.329-330 Michael Wilson to Joseph Bryson 150 acres in the 11th District.

3 May, 1855  Cannon Co. Deed Bk L p.116-117 Michael Wilson deeds 30 acres to Wm. C. Jones A tract of land in district No.11, beginning at a hickory on M. Jones corner.

17 Aug, 1857, Cannon Co. Deed Bk L.,p.549-550 William Wilson deeds 30 acres to Michael Wilson A tract of land in district No.11, beginning at a hickory on  M. Jones corner.

NOTE: These deeds were copied to me by another researcher who failed to note the deed book it came from.

17 Nov 1860 Michael Wilson deeds 400 acres to Joseph Bryson A tract of land in district No.11 beginning at a sugar tree at Wm. Davenport's corner. Test. G.F. Mingle, Samuel F. Byrn

7 Jan 1861 Michael Wilson deeds 170 acres to Sam'l B. Bryson A tract of land in district No.11 test G.F. Mingle

16 Jan 1868 deed Bk p.503-504 Michael & Martha Wilson deed 40 acres to Mary E. Bogle (their daughter?) A tract of land in district No.11 test  A.S. McKnight, Robert Bryson

16 Jan 1868, Ed Neeley sent me a copy of the following court record in 1998. The book number is not noted but pages are 494/495:

Bryson Heirs to Arbitration State of Tennessee by Heirs of Joseph Bryson dec'd We the undersigned arbitrators appointed the the Heirs of Joseph Bryson dec'd to settle all matters in dispute after being duly sworn do make the following report answering his estate that we proceeded to divide the land according to the will. Lot No 1 Valued to Samuel B. Bryson at twelve dollars & 75 cents per acre and suppose to be about two hundred and nine acres. Lot No 2 Valued to Jane Bryson wife of Joseph Bryson at ten dollars per acre supposed to be about one hundred and twenty three acres. Lot No 3 Valued to Martha Wilson wife of Michael Wilson at five dollars and fifty ct per acre suppose to be about 92 acres. Lot No 4 Valued to Mary Davenport at ten dollars and fifty cents per acre suppose to be 43 1/2 acres. We also find that Michael Wilson is indebted to the estate one thousand dollars which is set off according to the will. We also find William Davenport indebted to the estate the amount of Eight hundred dollars and twelve dollars & 70 cents. We find the estate indebted to the amount of several hundred dollars & no available means to pay and will have to be paid out of the land to decide that the executor Samual B. Bryson pay the outstanding debts and on final settlement or at the death of the widow he be allowed six percent his money so advanced. We further decide that SB Bryson make no further advances having the largest proportion of lands after the death of the widow. Then the heirs will make a final settlement according to the will and this award we decide that the executors pay cut of this arbitration out of the estate. Given under our hand and deal this 16th January 1868. Henry Davenport A.S. McKnight C.B. Odom Jesse Carter Filed at office the 28 April at 1 O'clock PM 1868 J.D. McBroom Registrar.

20 Feb 1869 Michael & Martha Wilson deed 90 acres to Wm. H. Fann A tract of land in district 11 on Sanders Fork bordering S.B. Bryson, J.C. Leech & Robt. Bryson. (Wm. H. Fann is the husband of Michael & Martha's dau Martha) test Henry E. Ford, J.D. McBroom.

23 Aug 1870 Deed Bk p.364 Michael & Martha Wilson deed 130 acres to Sam'l B. Bryson A tract of land in district No.11.

Feb 12 1881 Deed Bk p.465 Michael Wilson & Wife deed 35 1/2 acres to Samuel B. Wilson A tract located in District No. 14.wit. J.Y. Hipp  (Nancy Wilson held this land for many years after Sam B. died).

May 20 1888 Martha Wilson deeds 38 acres to William Allen Wilson A tract located in District No. 14. (copy cut off-could not read wit. info)

May 20 1888 Deed Bk W, p.308 Martha Wilson deeds 70 acres to Michael S. Wilson A tract located in District No.14 on the condition that said Michael keep  her her lifetime and should he outlive her and the contract has been  complied with the land is his to keep. Wit. Jessey Davenport, J.C. Blanks.

Nov 27 1896 Martha Wilson rescends the prior deed given to Michael S. Wilson as he refused to comply with the conditions of the deed and left the  state of Tennessee. She deeds the land to W.A. Wilson with the condition that he support and maintain her during her lifetime. Wit. Jessee Davenport, J.C. Blanks.

Estate Records

Cannon County Estate Records, Cannon County estate inventory records indicate that Martha died in 1897. A Bond was given by W.A. Wilson and approved by the Cannon Co. court on 1 Mar 1897 as Martha Wilson had died leaving no will. He was approved as admin of her estate. The inventory of her estate was given by her son W.A. Wilson. and recorded by the court 29 May 1897. Martha's death date is taken from these records.

Tennessee State Library & Archives, Cannon County Probate Court Bonds and Letters (Mar 1892-Dec 1898) Roll #14, Admin & Exec 1872-1892, p.430, $200. bond for W.A. Wilson admin of Martha Wilson estate. Bond guaranteed by  W.A. Wilson, S. Tittle, T.W. Davenport. Approved 1 Mar 1897.

Cannon Co., Roll 16, Estates, Inventories of Cannon Co.,TN 1848-1908,  (Nashville:Tennessee State Library & Archives), Estate, Inventories 1888-1926, pp.42-47, A transcribed copy of this inventory is in my files.


Duggin Cemetery, Cannon Co.,TN, (TS) Michael & Martha.

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